Thursday, March 29, 2007


Ok, seriously, could I be any more gay for Bikeman? With the addition of the killer Lazer helmet, I am now, officially, a rolling bikeman billboard. Helmet, check; cycling cap, check; longsleeve jersey, check; shorts, check; beaded thong, check. If were a person, I'd probably do 'em.

Check out this killer ride I did Tuesday after work. In preperation for Killer Tuesday's this summer, I figured I'd better start getting the legs used to the mileage. Tuesday was a start with a planned 3.5-4 hr ride after work. I fell a bit short because of a late start and a nearly dead blinkie light but I did manage 3:15 and 55 miles before darkness shut me down. Not bad after working a full 9 1/2 hr day. Check out the Motion Based info below. You can ignore all of the heart rate info on the motion based site though. I accidently started the gps this morning before clearing the memory so today's info f'd up the readings. The route info is good though!

(click on the image)

Oh yeah, remember when I said I was done with Racin Rick for a while? Well, as soon as I posted that I got the urge to post again. Weird. Tell a kid he can't do something and all of a sudden thats all he wants to do. Maybe I'll just do weekly posts for a while. Yeah, that sounds good.

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Monday, March 26, 2007

Toes up.

Racin Rick is going toes up for a while. Between lack of time and not much to write about, I've found it increasingly hard to create posts. As a result, I'm going to take a break for a while. Maybe when the race season gears up, I'll start blogging again but who knows.

So, enjoy the silence while it lasts!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

new lid!

I got word the other day that my new brain bucket is in and ready to pick up anytime. Its damn good timing too because we are quickly approaching the days when I'll no longer be wearing a balaclava or fleece riding cap and when I do, my noggin won't be liking my current helmet. Apparently my melon has changed shape slightly since buying the helmet 4 years ago. At the time, it fit me like a glove but now it puts uncomfortable pressure on my forehead. Enough so that I sometimes develop a headache during a long ride and am left with a red impression on my forehead for a few hours afterwards. Fun stuff. The retention system for the lazer helmet should fix that. Essentially, instead of the helmet sitting on your head with adjustments only on the rear, the Lazer has a floating retention system that sits free from the helmet shell so your noggin never actually touches the shell. Pretty ingenious stuff because it means that the helmet can more easily conform to oddly shaped heads (like mine). Is it wrong that I'm so excited about a helmet?

Another wet diaper

Man am I getting sick of these wet and/or dirty commutes! As usual (recently at least) this morning's commute was nasty as hell. When I got up this morning the weather channel was saying it was cloudy in our area but no precip. I glanced outside to be sure and the pavement looked wet but I couldn't see any actual rain coming down so I started to get ready. The temp was hovering between 35 and 40 which is always a hard temp for me. Do I wear my leg warmers and run the risk of being cold or do I put on the insulated tights and run the risk of overheating. Initially I decided on the leg warmers this morning but at the last minute changed my mind and put on the tights. Man was I glad I did because I was greated with a nice, wet, slushy, drizzly commute. Yip-frikin-eee. Within 10 minutes of starting out, I had so much slush thrown up on my ass that I thought I was going to get frost bite. It reminded me of a story my brother told me about when he ran cross country in college and a teamate got slush in his shorts during a race and ended up getting a bit-o-frost-nip on his junk. Thankfully, I wasn't in that boat but the cheeks were definitely cold.

By the time I rolled into the office my bike and I were so wet and covered with road grit that I felt like I was wearing a loaded diaper. Most uncomfortable. My bike so so nasty that I actually took it into the building and rinsed it off in the shower so that it wouldn't have the grit and salt on it all day eating away at it. Hope the boss doesn't find out!

As we speak, I have a chamois air freshener in my space. Needing to dry my shorts before this afternoon's ride home, I set them and my tights and socks up in front of a portable heater with a fan so I'm sure the whole design space here smells like damp ass. Nice.

As much as I love winter and riding in the winter, I really can't wait for the change to happen so that I don't have to deal with this crap much longer. Be cold or be warm, none of the inbetween nonsense.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Before the snow all melted in the last week, we had prime snowmobile riding conditions (finally!) so the pooch and I went out for a spin. Here is the uber exciting video from the trek. Some day, I'll teach that dog some trail etiquette.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hmmm, thats weird

This week marks rest week number three, seperating the base 3 and build 1 periods. As a result, the saddle time was supposed to be minimal. Unfortunately (kind of) the beginning of the rest week just so happened to coincide with the beginning of some beautiful weather. Not one to pass up such nice weather and knowing that rain was to be coming in on Wednesday I decided to get some good rides in on Monday and Tuesday and then let the rest of the week become the recovery time. Sounded simple enough. Until Tuesday night at least.

A little background first. With me trying to ride in the morning 2-3 times a week and Marcy trying to get to the gym the same amount we have set up a flexible schedule to allow us to do just that every other day. One day I'll take B to daycare so Marcy can get to the gym and then the next day (assuming its good weather) we'll switch so that I can ride.

So, back to the topic at hand. Tuesday night Marcy saw the weather and noticed that it was going to be nice out again Wednesday morning so she told me I should ride in to work and she'd pick me up on her way home after work despite the fact that it was her turn to go to the gym. Normally, after hearing those words, I'd turn into Hyper-Hypo Man and sprint around the house getting my shit together like a giddy little kid. On this occasion, however, because I had already got in a bunch of riding this week and wanting Marcy to get her gym time in, I declined. And that is where the weirdness started.

We spent the next hour arguing about who would do what. Me trying to convince Marcy she should go to the gym and Marcy telling me (not trying to convince mind you) that I was riding in. I've been married long enough to know that no matter what you argue about with your wife, eventually you will lose. Even if you somehow miraculously win an argument there will be consequences. Oh boy, will there be consequences. So even though I knew that I was right and it really was Marcy's turn there was no arguing with her. Bringing up facts would have only made her more mad. So guess what? Thats right, Marcy MADE me ride to work on Wednesday. Life is tough.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Road trip!

I'm geeked. From Aug 4-11 the UCI is holding the Montreal-Boston Tour, a real road race with top calibre road teams that ends on Sunday Aug 11 in Boston. It looks to be in the style of the Tours of Georgia and California. Hopefully it'll be successful because it would be sweet to have a race like that so close to home. Marcy and I may have to sneak down to catch a stage or two.

Speaking of road trips, check out this read from Bikeman teammate Lisle Gilbert's experience down at the brutal La Ruta De Los Conquistadores.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Some random thoughts

Spring is definitely on its way. Saturday saw me out with the pooch on what was probably the last snowmobile trail ride of the season. The conditions were primo with good traction, nice temps and glorious sunshine. Sunday saw VERY warm temps (for this time of year at least) some rain and a severe eroding of the snowbase. I may try for another trail ride soon if the temps dip again. Fingers crossed because I really do enjoy riding the snowmobile trails and mud season just sucks too much.

The IMBA trail crew has chosen the Camden Snow Bowl for a trail weekend sometime in September (have I said this before?) so I’m looking forward to some more primo trails over Camden way soon.

Oh yeah, and Marcy has convinced me to go ahead and sell a couple of my bikes to fund a new El Mariachi. I talked about doing it last year but never pulled the bullet because of costs but with Salsa now offering the full bike package the deal is just too good to pass up.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Pitty me

Today marks the end of another unremarkable work week ride wise. Its been cold as tits this week so I haven't had the motivation to commute back and forth to work at all. Besides Monday's 3+ hr road ride its been all trainer all the time. Not a whole lot of fun but at least I've had my brothers PS3 here so I've been able to spin my troubles away while racing and blowing up other cars. Good fun when you have no real plans for the session.

The plan for this afternoon is to ride the mountain bike home but considering I have developed a sore throat that is so bad it feels like I have a blow torch in my throat. If I wasn't so manly, I probably would have whined like a baby last night. Ok, I whined so much I think Marcy wanted to cuff me up-side the melon. What is it with guys that makes us so tough when it comes to physical endeavors but such pusses when we get the least bit sick? I can fall on my bike resulting in cuts, scrapes, bruises etc and hardly blink an eye but give me congestion and a low grade fever and I'll curl up in the fetal position on the floor and cry for mommy. Anyway, if I feel well enough to ride this afternoon, I hope to get in a couple hours of snowy goodness.

Monday, March 05, 2007

welcome back

sorry, long time no blog. I guess I just didn't have anything to say last week. Not that I usually do, mind you, but apparently last week was extra special boring. The end of the week marked the beginning of Marcy and my long ski weekend. Originally, we were supposed to go to Jay Peak in Vermont but opted for Saddleback in Rangeley instead. Shorter drive, cheaper lift tickets etc... Turned out to be a damn fine weekend. It snowed all day Friday on our way up leaving us with 14-16" of fresh for our first day of skiing on Saturday. Unfortunately for Marcy, most of the snow was blown into the woods during Friday's winds. It turned out to be good for me though since I prefer to ski in the woods anyway. There was so much powder in the woods that when I fell (which happened often) I would sink in up to my waist minimum, sometimes up to my chest. It was insane. After skiing, we went out snowshoeing in that same powder. It was hard work but so worth it.

We stopped off for a photo-op of me "hucking" off of a 4-5' drop, landing in a nice fluffy cushion of snow.

The approach.
From Saddleback

The launch
From Saddleback

The aftermath.
From Saddleback

Today (Monday) we decided to stay home to decompress. It was a good move because as a result, Marcy, B and I got to go for another snowshoe this morning and then I was able to sneak in a sweet 3:15 and 55 miles on the road thanks to a generous wife. My tired legs thank you Marcy.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

What a difference...

...a couple of days make. Actually, it was more like 10 hours. Tuesday morning's nightmare commute was followed by a sweet ride home after work. Despite temps in the mid fourties, the snowmobile trails stayed firm and rideable leading to some very fun commuting.

For this morning's commute, I opted to ride the road bike so that I could work in some specific Friel perscribed workouts. I've found they can be done on the mountain bike but its usually much easier to do on the road. As usual I had the early morning dead leg thing going but with a couple of quick high cadence spin-ups I was able to wake up the sticks and launch into a 30 minute tempo/seated hill climb workout. I'll definitely have to remember those quick sprints for the next time the gams don't want to work. Tonight should be a beautiful ride home with temps hovering near 40. Man, I love March riding