Monday, November 24, 2008

The definition of futility

Is me trying to grow a beard. A few weeks ago, a couple of my bikeman peeps invited me to join a "grow a beard for Christmas" facebook group. Initially I passed because me trying to grow a beard is like George Bush Jr. growing a brain, try as we might, it just aint gonna happen. Eventually, I decided to give it a shot, not because I thought I would be successful but because it would give me an excuse to not shave for a while. Over the last couple of weeks, I've managed to grow only a mustache and goatee without even trying, sort of Joe Dirt style. I'm thinking that if I grow my scraggly facial hair long enough I'll be able to do a comb-over of the bald spots. Super classy.

It's been about 3 weeks since I last touched a bike and I admit, it's been tough going but thankfully I've got house construction to distract me and we're making some huge progress. In the last couple of weeks, despite working a beyond full time job, we've been able to get the first floor decked AND all of the first floor exterior walls framed and up. Given the relative complexity of the design (most of the walls are different heights and angles (frickin architects!) and my relative lack of any construction skill, that is a pretty good feat. The reality is that while I'm seriously busting my hump out there we'd be nowhere if we didn't have such a great group of family and friends willing to give up a day of their time to help us out. Quite honestly, we don't deserve it but I'm not going to tell them otherwise until we done. Suckers.
Marcy loves to grind...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Overheard Recently

Me: We should set a limit on Christmas gifts this year.

Marcy: What do you mean? You're getting a bike for Christmas!

Me: No I'm not.

Marcy: Yes you are.

Me: No I'm not.

Marcy: Yes you are.

I admit, that for most people, that was probably the most boring argument in the history of time but to me it is telling. One, Marcy is a cool wife. Two, somehow I've gotten my priorities all screwed up if I'm thinking house and family first and biking second. Quick, someone hit me over the head with a 175mm crank. There, that's better.

While ride time has been zilch lately, I am happy to report that work on the house is progressing nicely and if things go well, we'll be finishing up the first floor decking this weekend and since we've built all of the first floor exterior walls at my parent's already, the first floor framing will follow shortly after. Good times.

Again, with zilch riding time (a whopping 45 minutes total last week!) I'm struggling to find a way to stay in shape and as a result, on Friday, I started doing my cyclo-core workouts again. Not the full blown workout on Friday, just a refresher because, as I found last year, if you jump into that program full bore you're likely to end up in a hospital bed. Anyway, I did an abreviated version on Friday and by Sunday I could barely walk and yesterday, a full three days after the workout, I could barely walk up and down stairs. That Grahme Street is a sadistic bastard but with such short and intense workouts they should keep me somewhat on track. One word of warning though, if you buy one of his programs (they are good) do not under any circumstances give him your primary e-mail address unless you enjoy getting daily "get strong quick" e-mails.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Look at Me!

Yesterday, I was honored to be interviewed by a super illustrious magazine, Construction something or other Quarterly. It's obviously the bestest construction magazine ever (with a circulation hovering in the 10 range) so I was honored when I found out myself and my co-worker, Marcus, would be sitting down for a phone interview. Along with the interview, I was required to provide a head shot to be included with the article. Marcy would kind enough to take some pictures. Through the marvel of modern technology Marcy was able to take my superstar mug and make it appear like I'm one of you, the common man.

oooohhhhhh, I do. I smell cheese!

Apparently I love cheese.

I also could have been giving the thumbs up because I actually got to ride yesterday. It was short, hauling B to pre-school, but it was still nice to hit the road for a change. Yay for me!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why, hello...

It's been about 9 days since my taint touched leather, well, saddle leather at least. I miss riding but I must say, I've barely noticed the loss because I've been so busy. I had hoped to get a ride or two in this weekend but when a co-worker and my father-in-law offered to help me frame the first floor of the house on Saturday I obviously booted the ride and we busted out a serious amount of work instead. Similarly, on Saturday evening I found out that I had help framing walls at my parent's place on Sunday so Sunday's planned ride was also shelved. Lots of riding missed but lots of work got done. The way I figure it, the more rides I miss right now will even out when we finish the house that much earlier and I get to ride more next spring/summer. That's my hope at least!

The foundation is up, and the first floor framing is going in.

Tonight, I find myself doing some more planning for the house on the computer and enjoying a frosty bevvy courtesy of wifey. Thanks babe!

In not so good news, we got word last week that Mr. Pants, our resident ball licker/butt sniffer has cancer. Specifically a sarcoma on his head/neck. Given it's location, surgery and radiation probably wouldn't be successful but we are going in to talk to the vet again tomorrow to get the full scoop. For now the pooch is eating well (top round steak tonight), getting lots of attention and we're hoping for a few more good months. Good luck bud.