Friday, February 15, 2013

Words cannot express just how awesome this v-day card from my daughter is.  It makes me smile every time I look at it.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Slowly but Shirley

Hip progress continues to be made.  For a while there, I foolishly thought that after a couple of months of activity, I'd be back to close to normal but that definitely isn't the case (ah, duh!).  You'd think I would have known that it would take a long time to get back after several months of complete atrophy.  I'm sure that part of me knew but I was hoping that it would come back quicker.  Thankfully, though, there's still several months before the real season starts so plenty of time to get my sorry excuse for legs going again.

thule 917xtr t2 + fat bike = semi success
The road bike is out for two reasons right now.  1, I'm much too stretched out on it with my current hip impingement issues and 2, I can't risk going down on a gravely/icy/slick corner and re-injuring the hip.  Lucky for me though, it's winter and I've got a snow bike clad with studded tires (thanks to Marcy for both of those things) and a somewhat upright position so I'm still able to get some decent riding in.   Snowmobile trails are my playground and when the conditions are right (like they have been recently) singletrack can be had as well (once it's somewhat packed down). 

snowmobile trails in Damariscotta