Thursday, September 29, 2011

Stupid Yet Upbeat

T-minus three weeks from the final throw down of the season, The Treasure Valley Rally.
Way back when, before the season started I proclaimed that I'd be racing as an elite this season.  As you all know, that didn't happen but I didn't want to totally welch on my promise so I've decided to register elite for the TVR.  My only hope of doing well is that the race is so late in the season that all of the fast guys will probably be off racing cross somewhere so Alby, Will and I can take the top three.  I'm going to need any help that I can get cause I'm in worse shape than earlier in the season when I knew I wasn't quite up to snuff to play with the big boys.  All this shit is what good stories are made of.

I've been filling my days with all sorts of good stuff recently.  One of those stuffs is Brynna has started taking ballet lessons.  That's her in the black because she always has to be different.

I've also been making mad progress on my home trails.  I've essentially given up running in the mornings now in favor or 30-40 minutes of trail work each day.  I don't get far in each session but it is making a difference and a couple more days will get me pretty close to having a fun new section ready for the next time the Bathers come by (probably next week).

That's all I have time for today.  Peace.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Bradbury Twelve

I've given up hoping to have time to do a full report so I'm gonna huck some shit together. Hopefully, when I get my new laptop tomorrow, it will allow for some home blogging again (blogging from an Ipad blows goats).

For 2011, since I was doing the two man race with Mr. "I've got too much nervous energy" I decided it was time to enjoy the weekend a bit more and take advantage of the onsite camping.  Of course, I didn't have time to pack anything so I did some car camping instead and totally free loaded on my buddies who stay there every year.  Thanks guys!

The element makes for a nice little camper.

I convinced Alby to take the first leg of the race since he was a bit faster than me this year.  The final decision wasn't made until about 15 minutes before the start when I showed up in my civies.  Get to work boy.

At the start, we were lined up next to our nemesis, You Got Freyed. 

This would be the last bit of civility for the day.

Sadly, while Alby has an abundance of energy, it appears to be a parasite of his intelligence when with 30 seconds to the start, he shifted (purposefully) back from the first row start to about four rows back and then proceeded to let everybody go because he thought he was in the second wave.  Let's just pretend he wasn't just chatting with our competitors right at the front.

See alby at the start?  Me neither.

Alby did a fine job of making up for it by only losing a couple of minutes to Andrew on the first lap.  Then I took over for a lap and dropped 3 minutes (still my fastest lap ever at Bradbury).  Throughout the day, my lap times would slowly get longer (only a four minute spread all day so I can't really complain) as well as Andrew's and Chris's times while Alby would be annoyingly upbeat and somehow do faster times in the afternoon.

In the end it was super close with us never more than 11 minutes down to Andrew's team but, sadly, we weren't able to pull it off.  We swatted but didn't connect.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Let's Mail This One In

Time is tight, I've got a big race this weekend.  What to blog?  What to blog?

The big throwdown at the Bradbury 12 is this weekend.  Alby and I (two non-established "elites") will be throwing down with Andrew Freye and Chris Gagnon, two established regional elites.  We named our team "The Freye Swatters" as if we will be able to pester Andrew and Chris.  The reality is we'll likely be little more than a minor nuisance that they will flit away with the brush of a hand.  Andrew is predicting the win for their team and named it accordingly; "You Got Freye'd".  We'll see boys, we'll see.

Last night, while doing a preride of the course, I came across Andrew and his new bride, Hattie, out for a newlywed ride.  Hattie, if you don't know, has gone from a newby to being one of the fasted expert women in the region in the matter of a couple of years.  I hate them both.  OK, not really.  Who could hate this?

Notice the look of tragic realization on Hattie's face?  
That's the "oh shit, I just became a Freye" face.

Andrew, on the other hand, realizes he's married up so he's STOKED!
Only time will tell how this whole thing shakes out.  For now, at least, we're getting some love from the race promoter for our name selections.  I hope that we at least beat Hattie's team, The Spotted Dicks...

Monday, September 12, 2011

Back When I Was a Whipper Snapper

Way back when Marcy and I bought the property that we are currently living on, Marcy and I were in negotiations about how many trails I was allowed to make on the property.  With 17 acres of mixed hardwoods, no swampy areas and one small stream, I figured I'd be able to get a good 3-4 miles of twisty turnry good time in.  Marcy, on the other hand, only wanted a big perimeter loop and MAYBE one trail bisecting the property.  I made a maps of what both of our expectations were (sadly, I can't find the post and I'm too lazy to really search). 

It's now three-ish years later and I'm well on my way to my vision.  How did I get it done without Marcy putting the kibosh on?  By doing it in the early mornings (under the cover of darkness this time of year) before she gets up.  Hopefully she doesn't read this! :) 

16 mile mountain bike loop from the house.  
not bad and only about 2 miles of pavement

and the squigglyness that are my home trails 2+ miles 
so far and probably room for 1 mile more.
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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

So Fashionable

I now know where the current argyle cycling sock rage came from.  It came from busy (forgetful) people who are always forgetting to throw their riding socks into their riding bag.  If you wear socks that are already sort of office worthy its one less thing to think about.  Me?  I just forget my socks.  Thankfully I can pull off blue and black.

and then RAIL some corners proper.  note to self.  RAILING corners on leaf strewn trails after 1+" of rain is not advisable.  Fun trying though. 

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