Friday, September 30, 2005

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Got dew? Posted by Picasa

What to do when you don't have enough time to sleep or ride? You hop on the dew wagon that's what. I got hooked on this smack while in college and can't seem to get the monkey off my back. On a good note, I've made so many entries into the mt dew x-box 360 competition that I'm bound to win one soon. Of course if I do I'll probably sell it on ebay or something and buy some bike stuff with the money. I already have an old playstation that I never use so whats the point in having another, more expensive console taking up space in my already fiercely messy bike room?

Look at this shit hole! Its got a real nice, homey 60's feel to it ya know?

You also surf for bike blogs to live vicariously through others. There are actually quite a few good ones out there and a bunch of pointless ones like this one right here. Can you believe that you're wasting your time reading this drivel?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ride much?

I haven't been recently but hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in a ride this weekend with the pooch. There is a large group ride on Sunday before the awards banquet for MMBA but I'm not sure that I'll be able to make that. Too bad to since it'll be at Bradbury and they have some sweetness new trails that I'd love to rock on the single speed. Speaking of which, I think that I'm going to pretty much hang up the Fuel for the year and do most of my future rides on the rigid single. I get beat up more and work a bit harder with the single but that is perfect since my ride time will be tight anyway and this way I can still be spent after a shorter ride. That Fuel is just way too comfy for short rides.

All is not lost though. I have been getting out for a run most weekday mornings with chancy pants so if I do score a bike for a cyclocross race coming up I'll be able to handle the running portion of the race, I'll just have to figure out how to deal with the riding part...I can see my breakfast already. yummy

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Damn these legs are sore!

Holy cupcakes are my legs sore. My run in with cramps from the race this Sunday has left me more than a bit tender just above my knees. Apparently three weeks of nearly no riding followed by a fast race can lead to very sore legs. Who woulda thunk it??? I'm actually more sore than I was after the two man 24 hr race that I did earlier in the summer. Doesn't seem to make sense. I had toyed with the thought of trying to do a cyclocross race or two this fall but I'm not so sure that is such a good idea now unless I start riding more... Hopefully I'll get some nice fall rides in though. Fall is my favorite time of year to ride, at least before hunting season starts and the woods fill with rednecks looking to shoot at anything that moves (I should know, I used to be one of them!). A bell on the bike and some blaze orange should do the trick though. Not too sure what to do with the pooch though since he looks and runs a lot like a short deer.

Monday, September 26, 2005

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Final Race

Yesterday was the final race of the 05 mtb season for me. Coming into the race I thought that I only had to finish one place behind my main rival Big Al to get the overall series lead. I held a slight advantage coming in so felt good about my chances. Leading up to the race I had had very little training or sleep what with a three week old at home but I was hoping that I had enough residual fitness to get me through.

The race started off fast and furious as usual with Al getting a better start (also as usual). We ended up trading spots a few times during the race and it came down to a final move by al on the last lap going into the final technical single track section. My recent loss of fitness was catching up to me and cramps set in so I had nothing to counter the final move. We ended up finishing 2 & 3 for the day so I had met my pre-race goal of staying with him and finishing no more than one place behind him. Unfortunately my plan didn't work for the overall series points. If we had finished 1 & 2 I would have beat him by 4 points overall. By finishing 2 & 3 we ended up the season with the exact point total and since Al had won more races than I did through the season he is given the overall nod. No problems here, Al was certainly the best this year but I plan to throw down next year...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

License plates

I've been contemplating possible riding influenced license plate. Here are a few that I've come up with so far.

1. rider, ryder etc
2. lv2rd
3. iride, iryde
4. bikeme (me being the abbreviation for maine)
5. bkbtch (might work better for a woman)
6. rideme (again me being the abbreviation for maine and my personal favorite)

Funny, when I just did a spell check a couple of funny suggestions came up:

for lv2rd they suggested labia, hmmm interesting.

for bikeme it suggested bikini, seems that spell check has a dirtier mind than I do. Very good suggestions.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Phew, I'm back. Don't ever let anyone tell you that having a baby isn't tiring. No I didn't pop that sucker out of my own pee-hole but the last two weeks have been tough with the odd and inconvenient hours that our new bundle of joy follows. Its been great though and nothing that I could really describe. If you wanna see some pics check out the dam nelsons link on the right.

Anyway, to prepare for the final race in the Maine series coming up this weekend I've been trying to squeeze in a few rides here and there. I won't be building any strength or speed at this point between the lack of sleep and only having a week before the race but I've still got to keep the legs moving and firing on all cylinders. With that in mind, I did a road tt on Sunday. TT's aren't really my thing since I prefer longer races and I don't have a properly set up tt bike but since the race was being held in my home town it seemed like a good way to get some quality intensity work in to wake up the legs after a week of little saddle time. I also got to try an unusual warm up for the race. I got up at 6:45, grabbed some breakfast and suited up. Rode my bike to registration (about 2 miles away), rode back to the house, did a couple sets of stair climbing repeats carrying the laundry up and down the basement stairs, folded some baby clothes (a man's work is never done I tell ya), rode to the race start, took in a couple miles of the course, shot the shit with a few riding buddies for 5-10 mins. and rolled to the line with two mintues to spare. The race went pretty well after the first few miles. I went off a little hot and felt it after the second mile and thought that I may blow my Quaker oats all over the road so I eased up a bit and soon felt much better and able to push some gear. I was only passed by one other rider which I feel to be a great success since there were some pretty haunch guys there. I put in what I felt to be a respectable time but wasn't able to stick around for official times and awards because I had Mr. Mom duties to attend to at home. Overall a good ride with some very good intensity. I'll try to grab a couple more rides this week to just keeps things in tune and I should be ready to throw down with Big Al this Sunday to see who bags the overall series points.

Thursday, September 01, 2005


No riding for me lately, with Hurricane Katrina blowing through and the looming due date, I have been scrambling to get stuff done around the house. Well, mission accomplished. The baby's room is done except for a tiny bit of painting to be done. That means that I can finally get back out on the road for some more training. Today I'll be able to do the 30 mile ride home from work (not a long ride but a good workout when pinched for time since it kills two birds with one stone) and the same ride in tomorrow. Hopefully by Saturday the trails will be dried out enough to get a good spin in as well to open the legs up for the race on Sunday. This race was miserable for me last year so hopefully I'll have a better showing this time around. Of course if baby comes there will be no race but thats ok cause whats more important, a race I do for fun or the birth of your first child?