Monday, September 24, 2012

Bradbury 12 2012 

This weekend was the annual Bradbury 12, typically my last race of the season.  Of course, this year my season ended a bit early but that didn't stop me from showing up.  It was a totally different experience witnessing the race from the sidelines instead of atop a saddle sore infested ass.  In a way it was way more enjoyable.  Sitting around a campfire was fun.  Popping my first beer at 12:15 was fun.  Seeing other folks wanting to die (Hi Will!) was fun.  Did I want to throw a leg over a bike?  Sure but it was cool being back in the scene and seeing folks I haven't seen in a couple of months.  To be honest though, when the day was done I was hankering to do a solo single speed again next year.  It was just too painful seeing Will take all of the abuse by himself. 

Marcy's team, "Rick's Bionic Hipsters" represented well with no serious injuries despite the very slick conditions and the trick bridges (one that dropped as you rolled over it!).

Marcy rolling in after lap 1.

Marcy after her first lap.

Brian in his hipster costume.  In his words "argh, soooo muchhhhh cotton!"
my guess is that someone needed some fresh balls.

Hattie Freye (the much better half of the Freye family) in her aerobercize outfit

will showing us how sexy chest hair and irony is done.
he swore off plastic (ie carbon) bikes last season yet showed
up to bradbury with a set of crazy Enve carbon wheels.  
well played.

and finally, Marcy sporting her new Singletrack Sisters Jersey.  
She now has friends to play with!

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wcrissman said...

That guy is so hot! Good to see you out there, Rick. Next year I'm sitting by the campfire.