Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let It Be Done

I've put off my yearly shave/wax post ritual, waiting to be hit in the head with the blunt end of divine inspiration. There had to be a good way to spin a post about it. In spring of 06 I did my first shaving post. It was simple and informative (a bit less so when I cropped the photos to avoid the awkward "near junk" shots). I then followed that up the with my first waxing post in aught-7 which, as you can imagine, was quite popular in certain transvestite circles. So, obviously, a simple how to post wouldn't suffice but, alas, no good ideas were coming to mind and given certain bloggers recent brilliance when it comes to grooming one's hair it was going to be tough to come up with an appropriate post.

To top it off, I've been picking up ticks with my tick strainer leg hair like crazy this spring and have had a few of the lime disease carrying beasties latched onto me recently and, AND! Marcy really digs me with shaved legs and has been asking repeatedly to get it done so it was time to git'er done.

Sunday night, B was taking a bath so we figured the time would never be better. Breaking with tradition, I let Marcy do the work this time around. Being a shaving pro and all, I figured she'd get it done lickity split.

Lather up the legs. Nice.

rinse and grab razor
gettin busy. careful of all the scrapes!

notice my daughter laughing at me. "Daaaaaad! It isn't bad enough that you were pink AND spandex around me, you have to shave your legs too???"

I swear, my legs never look any better scar wise. Damn, I need to fall less.


Jason said...

I can not believe you dragged Marcy into your hairy hell. Oh well as least it's done.

rick is! said...

dude, it was like foreplay...

the original big ring said...

shaved legs and you're wearing crocs?!!?