Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leave It To Me

So, after much bitching, whining, pissing, moaning and far too much wasted suspension oil I finally gave up on getting my fork lock-out working again, pulled it off the bike and took it to the shop yesterday. Through the rebuild, I had made the fork buttery smooth but no matter what I tried, the lock-out just didn't do anything. I was convinced that the damper was shot but hoped that I had simply flubbed something simple. Given the fact that I have my first race of the season coming up in a little over a week I was a bit worried about handing my boing stick over to the professionals. This is their busy time of year afterall and while they do take good care of me, I can't waltz in and demand immediate service. Thankfully, when I handed the fork to Zach and explained the problem, he calmly unscrewed the lock-out cable stop, pulled a bit more cable through, tightened the stop and viola! I had a lock-out. Just to be sure we're all clear on this. I can now totally rebuild a fork but I can't adjust a cable? What an idiot! Of course, we all knew this already.

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