Monday, May 10, 2010

Is It a Sign?

After yet another epic fail on the fork front yesterday, I was moping around the house like a self loathing 13 year old girl. Eventually, Marcy got sick of it and sent me out for a ride knowing that there is no better way to improve my mood. I could have just found out I have terminal penis cancer and I'd still by a happy camper after a quick ride. The ride wasn't anything special, just a quick loop through the Schmid Preserve on the El, it was short at 1:18 and it was windy as a mother but it was just what this boy needed to be in a chipper mood the rest of the day.

Towards the beginning of the ride I noticed something drop out of the trees in front of me. I was in a pine forest so I assumed it was a pine cone. Upon further inspection I saw that it was actually a decapitated mole (pictured above). I couldn't decide whether it was a peace offering from my friend the hawk saying that we're finally cool despite out multiple encounters OR, it was a warning. Sort of a reverse horses' head in your bed warning from the mob. Being a positive person, I chose to believe that it was a peace offering, tucked the mole into my jersey pocket and headed out for the rest of my ride.

I used the ride to do a final check on the route that I take groups on. Last week, there was some banter from the Bathers about coming up to ride so I wanted to make sure everything was kosher and I'm happy to report that the trails are in fine condition and ready to rip.


EndlessBikeCo. said...

"tucked the mole into my jersey pocket..." what happened next with the mole?...sans head...

rick is! said...

musn't insult the gracious host so I'm saving it for a special occasion.