Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This Season Needs an Enema

This has been an odd race season thus far.  Typically, I'd have at least twice as many races under my belt at this time and I'd still be bitching and moaning about my lack of fitness.  This year I've cut back on the races for a couple of reasons.  1. I'm trying to not let my racing dictate my family's summer. 2. my schedule this season has been crazy with stuff happening constantly (like finding out yesterday that I have to go to an impromptu wedding this saturday!). 

All that said, I still felt like things were progressing at a slow and steady pace and, on the upside, with so little riding and racing happening, there was ZERO chance of burnout happening.  But then, my bike exploded, we got a ton of rain and then I picked up a lovely little bug that has kept me sidelined for the last couple of days.  Two weeks have passed with two days of riding and I can feel what little fitness I had slowly fading away.  Bah.

The good news is that I didn't do an impressive endo on a bridge last week and drive my face and shoulder into the ground like my buddy scott.  He gets a 2 month riding vacation as he waits for his various injuries to heal, including a torn UCL, smashed face and broken thumb.  Heal up fast Scott! So, it's time to stick a rubber hose attached to a water canon up the business end of this season and flush all of the shit out. I'll be sure to take photos.


Michelle Mifflin said...

Holeeeeeee SHEET! Mano Mano......send the healing vibes to your buddy Scott.....sheesh! Chicks and dudes like Rick dig scars Scott.....hope your doing OK! Fah!

Enema it big time....wit ya on that. This year has been....a freekin I clamour back, like I've been all year....of late.


rick is! said...

already told him I did scars and bruises. he wasn't as excited to hear that as I thought he would be.