Monday, July 02, 2012


Well, I'm back from a long weekend of fun in the sun and various other shenanigans.  Firstly, Thursday was Marcy's and my 10 year anniversary.  Kudos to her for sticking it out this long.  To reward her for all of her hard work, we spent the day at a luxurious inn with an ocean side vanishing edge pool and hot tub

and then followed that up by going to Pop the Cork 2012, a GIANT party put on as a charity to benefit something or other.  For me, the most important thing was they you buy your ticket and then it's all of the booze and food (ie - oysters, shrimp, etc) you can consume.

 I literally hung out at the end of the oyster bar and SCARFED
plus, they had (I think) 5 bands playing through out the evening culminating with Boyz II Men.  I know, I know, it seemed kind of lame but after a couple dozen oysters and close to that many beers, they sounded damn good.  You just had to get into the spirit.

beginning to get into the spirit

After the show was over, we snuck back stage, managed to not get tossed on our asses by any roadies and accosted the group while they were walking, in the dark, back to their car.  In hindsight, we're lucky we didn't get a beat down (Marcy was smart and held back until we welcomed.  smart girl) but I can be a smooth son of a bitch so all was good.

Marcy (in the dark blue dress) and a couple of friends 
posing with the Supremes (with penises)

the secondly and thirdly's involved riding but I've run out of time for today. later.

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Miff said...

Mano womano. Awesome weekend, so, Marcy is preddy hawt.... geee Rick, good on ya at the Oyster Bar....Nice work you two. Pretty Spunky. Last time I will say it. Will be back to regular scheduled sledging Rick ;-)