Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This Kinda Blows 

Sunday I had grand plans. Spend all day working on a new GInormous chicken run for the new peeps and then hit up the Camden Snow Bowl for 2 hours or VERY hilly riding followed immediately by 1.5 hours of heinous trail running on the course of the upcoming Ragged Mountain Run Around .  Essentially good training for my upcoming races at the Pinnacle and at the Bowl as well as early preparation for the Great Adventure Challenge where I have to kayak, mountain bike and then run up and down Pleasant Mountain.

I met up with the Run Around promoter for the ride on Sunday afternoon and the wheels started to come off 5 minutes into our ride.  My right pedal was squealing like a mofo.  I had no idea what was going on but it didn't take long to find out when the pedal body released from the spindle.  F'er.

It's hard to ride 2+ hours of hilly and technical terrain with your foot sliding all over the place.  I've seen this happen on Egg Beaters tons of times but this is the first time I've had a Time pedal do this and I've got 8 pairs some of them about 10 years old.  After messing with it and deciding the pedal was shot, we rode over to Stephen's house and swapped my pedals for a set of his Shimano spd's and I put on his winter shoes (since my cleats wouldn't work) which were 2-3 sizes too small.  Super uncomfortable but at least I'd be able to ride.

So we roll along and are having a good time when I hear that god awful sound of a stick lodging in your wheel and ripping your rear derailleur off.  Sadly, that was not all that happened.  When the stick flipped the derailleur and hanger up, they smashed into the top of the drop out and CRUSHED the carbon.  The day was in the shitter something quick.

The only good news is that I've been told that it can be fixed, the real questions are, how much will it cost and how long will it take?  I've got feelers out and my fingers crossed.


eastwood said...

That SUCKS!!

Mike said...

Bikes are such an expensive, but necessary, pain in the ass. Are you still planning on doubling up for the Great Adventure Challenge and Hampshire 100? Beast!

Linda said...

Yesterday sure was a suckathon for you.

rick is! said...

oh, it gets better. we discovered a couple of fleas in the house yesterday (the pooch was at the kennel last weekend) and were in the process of stripping the entire house of bedding etc when the dryer conked out so now we have a giant pile of shit in the basement and no sheets/blankets. plus have to pay to have a repair person come out.

life is good!

rick is! said...

oh, and mike, I am still planning the double but we'll see how the training goes. I'll be at the challenge for sure, just not 100% on the 100.

Metro said...

Dude Rick sometimes when it rains it freaking pours. Sorry to hear about this rash of bad luck but it just means that things will go up from here! A note on the Time pedals. I'm in the same boat with about 4 pairs of ATAC pedals all getting 8-10 years old and 3 of the four suddenly crapped out on me. I still love them more than any other pedal on the market but found it wild that their time came all at once.


rick is! said...

metro, your pedals were 8-10 years old, mine were 8-10 RIDES long. very weird. haven't heard back as to whether they will warranty yet either.