Friday, May 07, 2010

Let's Do This
After last weekend's epic failure at rebuilding my fork (blogger even failed to post the photos) I did a bunch of searching for something turkey baster like that would allow me to actually get oil back into the fork lowers. If you're off by a ml than the fork will be shit so I was taking this seriously. A call to the shop got me thinking that a kids medicine syringe would be the ticket so off I went to Rite Aid and got what you see above. So now I can administer some recalled children's tylenol or rebuild my fork. I am McGuyver.

Now that I've got all the pieces and parts I'm going to try again this evening with KillBill and Zach from the shop (who actually knows how to do this) to get some schooling on the proper rebuild method. Wish me luck.

Given the fact that the selma has no fork, I busted out the rigid El Mariachi for last night's Bather ride. It pissed down rain the whole night before and most of the morning so I didn't have high hopes for the trail conditions but a few hours of sun and light wind left the trails in fine condition four our 2 hour ride. KillBill gave me some lessons on proper cornering (which is my absolute weak point) and I got lots of practice trying to keep up with someone on a full suspension geared bike while I'm on a rigid ss on very rocky rooty trails. I bottomed my tubed front tire out many times but thankfully had no flats.

During the ride I caught some ridicule for wearing knee warmers despite it being close to 70 degrees. I told everyone that I wear them to protect my knees. Because I'm a knee model. Well, a bit later in the ride I took a tumble striking a rock with my knee and ended up with this:
it's hard to see but that's a piece of knee meat right there.

Funny story. I found the hunk of knee meat inside of my knee warmers, showed everyone and then tossed it aside. Only then did I realize that I should have taken a picture so I had to search the ground for the discarded flesh. Luckily I found it and showed just how much of a blogging photo whore I really am. That story wasn't so much funny ha ha as it was funny sad.

Anyway, it appears my career as a knee model has come to an end. I guess I should have worn my padded knee warmers instead.


Big Bikes said...

"Knee meat."

You owe me an egg sandwich.


rick is! said...

uh, oh. did I steal a trademarked term? my bad.

Anonymous said...


rick is! said...

the sheep shearing is planned (and much overdo since I'm usually shorn by now) but I've yet to come up with the proper concept yet.