Thursday, October 18, 2007

Do I have a purty mouth?

Have you ever been on a mountain bike ride on trails you're not quite sure you're allowed on (although I think I was, in fact, ok) and happen across a tent immediately adjacent to the trail in the middle of the woods? This happened to me the other night while on my "sub-urban assault". I was rounding a corner on a section of trail I had raked out a couple of years ago on a vacant piece of property near our house when I came upon this tent stashed in the middle of the woods.

It startled me enough to force me to stop to be sure I wasn't going to be shot (or gang raped for that matter). Despite it looking like the squatters had packed up and left I still yelled out a quick "hello" before taking this pic and hightailing it out of there totally creeped out. Why in the world did it bother me you ask? To be honest, I'm not totally sure. It could be that I was concerned with being caught on private property while riding (for the record, property in maine is considered open to public use unless it is clearly posted "no trespassing" at regular intervals around the entire perimeter) but if I were a gambling man I'd bet it was because I'm a puss and in my head I could hear banjos playing.
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