Sunday, October 14, 2007

sub-urban assault

Saturday I finally made it out on my sub-urban assault ride. It turned out to be a nice but unspectacular ride with the bits of trail bringing me by most of the town's service areas.

First it was the hospital about 3/4 mile (via trail 1/2 the way) from the house.

Next up, the sewage treatment plant. The lack of view is made up for by the lovely smell.

Next up I went past the town's gravel garage. Sorry no pic but as you can imagine, it was a sight to behold.

Shortly after the gravel hut it was a muddy slog to the ass end of the fire station.

From the fire station its another short trail jaunt to the newely renovated and overpriced Hannaford grocery store.

From there it was about 3/4 mile of roadage to the DRA River Trail, a blissfully narrow and fun mile + of singletrack located just outside of downtown.
I missed sunset by about 15 minutes from this vantage point along the trail. I bet it would have been a romantic moment.

From there I was homeward bound with 1:40 in my pocket.

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