Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Here is a re-post of my Carver post from the other day that didn't show the pics for some reason. Hope you enjoy.

Today, in the middle of a great family day, we stopped into Bikeman's shop to pick up Marcy's new messenger bag. It was there that I spotted this bad boy.

It's a 26" (ugh) titanium Carver with Endomorph tires for some sweet powder riding goodness. Davis (Bikeman and Carver founder) told me this bike (and one other) is actually for a couple of Iditabike type crazies in Alaska. Regardless, it got me salivating about winter riding again (have I mentioned lately that I LOVE winter riding? No? Well I do.) and Davis informed me that Nokian is indeed coming out with a 29" Hakkapolita (sp?) studded tire this winter (insert childish giggle here)

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