Sunday, October 21, 2007

Beery good weekend.

Absotively no riding for me this weekend since we had a "slight" leak in our bathroom Thursday night completely soaking our cork floor and the layers of old flooring beneath thus requiring me to spend most of the day Friday, part of the day Saturday and part of today to fix the mess. As it sits now, we still will need to replace the cork but at least everything is basically back to normal and we can use the toilet again. Good times.

On a good note, Thursday night I made the discovery of Gritty's mini kegs (1.6 gallons) of Maine brewed goodness. I picked one up because Brynna pointed to one and said "for mommy" and who am I to deny Marcy beer B feels she deserves?

Try to ignore the tape holding the edge of the counter together, we begin the kitchen reno this winter. Really.


Andy said...

1.6 gallons!

1 gallon=128oz
1.6 x 128 = 204.8 / 12 = 17 beers!

Pace yourself!

rick is! said...

it was the 15th beer that got me last night.

Jason said...

After beer 15 is when starting bathroom renovations and moving the toilet to the hallway seemed like a good idea. Cheers!