Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Phew, I'm back. Don't ever let anyone tell you that having a baby isn't tiring. No I didn't pop that sucker out of my own pee-hole but the last two weeks have been tough with the odd and inconvenient hours that our new bundle of joy follows. Its been great though and nothing that I could really describe. If you wanna see some pics check out the dam nelsons link on the right.

Anyway, to prepare for the final race in the Maine series coming up this weekend I've been trying to squeeze in a few rides here and there. I won't be building any strength or speed at this point between the lack of sleep and only having a week before the race but I've still got to keep the legs moving and firing on all cylinders. With that in mind, I did a road tt on Sunday. TT's aren't really my thing since I prefer longer races and I don't have a properly set up tt bike but since the race was being held in my home town it seemed like a good way to get some quality intensity work in to wake up the legs after a week of little saddle time. I also got to try an unusual warm up for the race. I got up at 6:45, grabbed some breakfast and suited up. Rode my bike to registration (about 2 miles away), rode back to the house, did a couple sets of stair climbing repeats carrying the laundry up and down the basement stairs, folded some baby clothes (a man's work is never done I tell ya), rode to the race start, took in a couple miles of the course, shot the shit with a few riding buddies for 5-10 mins. and rolled to the line with two mintues to spare. The race went pretty well after the first few miles. I went off a little hot and felt it after the second mile and thought that I may blow my Quaker oats all over the road so I eased up a bit and soon felt much better and able to push some gear. I was only passed by one other rider which I feel to be a great success since there were some pretty haunch guys there. I put in what I felt to be a respectable time but wasn't able to stick around for official times and awards because I had Mr. Mom duties to attend to at home. Overall a good ride with some very good intensity. I'll try to grab a couple more rides this week to just keeps things in tune and I should be ready to throw down with Big Al this Sunday to see who bags the overall series points.


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Jason said...

Congratulations! Cute kid. Enjoy. And keep riding!
Good luck this weekend.