Friday, September 30, 2005

Got dew? Posted by Picasa

What to do when you don't have enough time to sleep or ride? You hop on the dew wagon that's what. I got hooked on this smack while in college and can't seem to get the monkey off my back. On a good note, I've made so many entries into the mt dew x-box 360 competition that I'm bound to win one soon. Of course if I do I'll probably sell it on ebay or something and buy some bike stuff with the money. I already have an old playstation that I never use so whats the point in having another, more expensive console taking up space in my already fiercely messy bike room?

Look at this shit hole! Its got a real nice, homey 60's feel to it ya know?

You also surf for bike blogs to live vicariously through others. There are actually quite a few good ones out there and a bunch of pointless ones like this one right here. Can you believe that you're wasting your time reading this drivel?

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