Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Sometimes Art Makes You Sad 

 Art can elicit many emotions.  Sadness being one.  Observe:

  click on the image to get the full effect

Brynna's drawing makes me sad for a couple of reasons.  One, she can't spell worst for shit.  Two, she obviously realized that night that she did something very wrong (we don't often send her to her room) but had no control over her emotions and only came to terms with it when she was in her room by herself.

BUT, art can make you happy.  I, for one, am impressed with how well she represented herself going upstairs in a simple 2-d drawing.  Take a look at the photo below to help you understand.  Looking straight on, our stairs look almost exactly like what she drew.

Then, if you study the drawing more closely you can see that she was obviously wearing a stripped skirt and flowered skirt that night (not all that uncommon).  Of course, I'm going to have to ask her about the vampire fangs and creepy insect leg.  Just to be safe, I've got an exorcist on speed dial...


Alby King said...

If we look further, we can see forced asymmetry and seemingly unsupported structure.

rick is! said...

are you looking in a mirror alby?

Alby King said...