Monday, October 08, 2012

Punkin Festival 

The Pumpkin Festival in Damariscotta, about the only place that you can see huge decorated pumpkins, hollowed out pumpkins used as boats for racing, pumpkin catapults and, AND watch a 1000lb pumpkin crush a car. Pretty boring stuff really...

600+ lb freaky bunny?  totally normal

 pumpkin made into a candy apple

Saw this beaut as well.  A bike with a two stroke engine.  Saw it in action later and laughed at the absurdity as he "drove" it sputtering and stinking DOWNHILL through town where a normal bike can easily keep up and pass cars anyway.  I'm sure there must be some place in the world for a bike like this but I'm not sure where it is.  Don't want to sweat too much on your way to work but don't mind smelling like a chain saw exploded in your lap?  This is the bike for you.

And finally, some transplanted New York carney action.  Enjoy.

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