Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A Cripple's Musings

There are a couple of silver linings to my injury.  One, I've spent more time with the fam since I got hurt.  Much of that time was drug addled but, since getting off the hooch, things have been much better and I've enjoyed the added family time.

who wouldn't want more of this?

or this?

The other good news is that I have been absolutely buried under a metric shit ton of work for the last two months so, even if I were allowed to ride, very little would have happened anyway and not riding because of work on a regular basis pisses me off.  That's sort of a back assed silver lining but I'll take it.

On the rare moments when my mind gets to wander, I wonder when I'll be able to ride again (surprise!) and what the best form will be.  I'm hoping to be able to do some sort of riding this winter.  I'm certain I'll be spending a fair amount of time on the indoor trainer and probably in spin classes but riding indoors wears my patience down to a nub so I'm sure I'll be craving some outdoor action.  To that end, I expect to pick up a cheap ass set of xc skis at Plat It Again Sports to do some back country excursions around the ranch.  But xc skiing is a poor excuse for riding (I know, I know, it's totally awesome but it's not riding) so when I saw these, my heart got pounding:

studded snow bike tires
What could be more perfect than a studded snow bike tire in my condition?  Tons of cushion and grip for snowmobile trail riding with little chance of falling (and breaking a hip!) on unexpected ice, extra stability for occasional road jaunts and improved mental stability for me.  Lord knows I've been holding my shit together pretty well so far but at some point I'm going to become an unbearable ass (I'm generally a bearable ass). 

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