Thursday, October 18, 2012

Controlled Drowning

No, I'm not dead.  The lack of posting is a direct result of being ballz deep in work.  10-12 hour days are not conducive to coherent babble.  Plus, on my list of priorities, I prefer to annoy my actual before my virtual (you hosebags) family first.  Sorry, sometimes finishing second is a good thing because it means there's no pressure to perform the next time.  Ummm, there's a sex joke there for sure but any sex joke that involves me finishing second is so far from reality that I fear the internet fact checking machine would be on me in no time.

I have yet to try riding the trainer again but all is not lost.  I have taken up competitive swimming (if the sport is being the worst/slowest swimmer in the pool) to help get back into shape as well as improve my hip's mobility without stressing it too much. Things started out very grim since I don't know how to swim with proper technique but after a few non-starters that had me stopping and spluttering for air half way down the pool (say ba-buy ego!) I've finally started to get the hang of it.  I still can't do more than one length at a time but at least I'm not gulping water every three strokes like my earlier attempts.

Speaking of the hip.  The x-rays are still not showing much improvement BUT I am feeling a shit ton better so the doc has allowed me to start doing some crutch free walking.  Joy!  I still use the crutch  out in public (so I don't have to explain the weird limp) and when I have to cover long distances but at the office and at hope I'm now crutch free.  It may sound weird but being able to carry things in both hands is quite, ahem, stimulating.  Get it?  Both hands?  Stimulating?  You guys are slow this morning...

Giant penis jokes aside, I'm feeling pretty good about my recovery.  I still don't know for certain if it's healing properly so a fake hip is still a possibility but I'm feeling better faster than I expected so I'll take that as good news.  In fact, the doc said that if all continues as it is, I could be riding (tentatively in another month!).  Time to get the fat bike put back together so when the day comes, I'll have a slow and steady steed ready to rock.   

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Alby King said...

I'm all worked up thinking about how worked up you must be thinking about being all worked up for riding.


Not much longer Papa Smurf.