Friday, September 14, 2012


Shit aint exactly rosey for me right now so I take any positive sign I get and run with it.  This past weekend, that sign was being able to climb onto our tractor to help move firewood.  Sure, I sat there and watched while Marcy and a couple of our friends did all the real work but it was better than sitting my ass on the couch.  An action packed weekend for sure.

two thumbs and crutches up.

Marcy joined in the excitement and 
then immediately regretted that decision.
I may not be able to ride a bike but I can
drive a tractor like a mother f-er.

she may never recover

I went to the ortho yesterday for my (almost) 7 week check-up.  The good news?  Nothing looks worse.  The bad news?  Nothing looks better either.  Frick.  I knew going in that the x-ray wasn't likely to show any improvement but I hoped that since the pain has mostly subsided (no pain meds for about 2 weeks now) there would be some noticeable healing going on.  Meh.  The only actual good news is that I can start some minor weight bearing now which means that when I try the trainer tomorrow (or this morning actually since I wrote this last night), I might be able to use some resistance after I get comfortable spinning.  First step though is managing to swing my leg over the top tube of my bike which might be tough since I've just gotten to the point that I can lift my leg into the freakin tub. 

Morning edit: The trainer was an epic fail.  I managed to swing a leg over the bike with some help from Marcy but bringing my bad leg from the 9 o'clock to the 12 o'clock position was definitely not happening.  I think it might be time to try the recumbent at the Y.  Double Meh.


Trevor said...

Thinking of you Buddy....I hope tings start to improve soon.....


rick is! said...

thanks Trevor. sure hope to be riding strong by summer

Alby King said...

Ahh... recumbents. So useful and depressing.