Tuesday, September 18, 2012

While Daddy Is Away

As you can probably imagine, and maybe even felt, there is a void in the cycling universe because of my very powerful absence.  Individual symptoms may vary, but the most common Rick-less side effects tend to be large, angry saddle sores, pulsating road rash, unexplained crashes and the overwhelming need to bitch and moan about everything.  Has Rick-less effected you?

Marcy has been touched

Sadly, the only sure fire cure is for me to get on a bike again.  We can only hope that the universe hears your universal cries for help and takes pity on you by resurrecting me from the ashes.

In the meantime, us selfless Nelson's decided if I can't ride then maybe some other Nelson's (suffering the effects of Rick-less themselves) hitting the trails could at least limit the Rick-less symptoms.  Methadone for riding if you will. 

This past weekend we took the proverbial bullet for you all by camping at Bradbury State Park, a perfect venue for kid riding and adult buffoonery.  B took up the call and rode her Kona Makena around in circles, including bits of singletrack, for HOURS acquiring some of her own pulsating road rash in the process.  

Marcy heard the call for the greater good as well and headed out for a ride with her Bradbury 12 teammates.  She is a martyr.  Things started out well enough with ribbons of perfectly dry singletrack and incessant talk of giardia and relentless shitting (hmmm, are we sure I wasn't on this ride???) but, before long, Marcy's Rick-less kicked in and she decided to ask our buddies Kev and Brian to show her how to rip through on of the trail sections ahead.    Here are the results.

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Linda said...

Thanks for explaining why I got 2 flats last week. I feel much better now.