Monday, September 10, 2012

It Ain't So Bad

Despite the fact that I HAVE TO HAVE the above pictured t-shirt, I'm thinking that life ain't so bad right now.  Sure, I can't ride my bike, the one thing that has kept me sane through the years, but things ain't all bad.  Getting hurt gives you the opportunity to see how people feel about you.  I'm not the most extroverted dude around (although it doesn't always seem that way) so I was shocked at the outpouring of support I received when I fucked my shit up.  To all you folks who reached out and offered a helping hand, I thank you.  And to those of you who didn't, I still love you but just to be safe, I'd make sure you don't leave your chamois unguarded because I have cans of itching powder and cayenne pepper just waiting for a good home.

I can't let things be all peachy so I do have one bummer to discuss.  Just before the injury, I discovered the magic/all consuming time waste that is Strava.  Just long enough to pick up a few KOM's and set my sights on many more (most gained by accident).  Sadly, as the weeks of inactivity pass, so do a bunch of my KOM's.  Funny enough, most of the KOM's I've lost are those that I picked up while on my Vermont adventure that got me in this mess in the first place.  Thankfully, though, the couple from Vermont that I still have are over some pretty big names like Eddie Odea and ahhh I just realized I've lost the KOM I had over Pete Webber.  Dang it.  Interestingly, all of the KOM's didn't come on SS USA race day but on my "pre-ride" the day before with Tyler.  The dude is a hammer and I wouldn't have any of those titles if he were on Strava.   

Thankfully though, Marcy has taken up Strava and is picking up a few QOM's of her own down in Bradbury land.  Represent the Nelson name well babe.  It needs it.

Speaking of the Nelson name, Marcy has joined a team for this year's Bradbury 12.  Their team name?  Rick's Bionic Hipsters.  I'm flattered.  I think.


Bill said...

Hey Rick,

Hope to see you red cuppin' it at the B12 this year. Wouldn't be right without you there.

I like that shirt, too. Guessing there's a snowboarding equivalent out there waiting for me.

Miff said...

Must. Have. THAT.Shirt! Shit gettin hectic always brings out the support to make sure you are well and truly out for the count, while your Strava KOM gets takin care of ;-) Just kidding. Bionic on. ;-) Miff