Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rolling Again 

Yesterday, I took my poor Kahuna to the shop so that I could have them look at it as well as get some other things taken care of. After a bit of inspection, KillBill suggested that the bike was "fine". Not exactly perfect but the damaged area is likely of little concern so there probably wouldn't be much point in spending hundreds of dollars fixing it. I figured I had nothing to lose so I decided to to build her back up and see how it goes.

Sadly, what I thought was an ok rear derailleur was shot with a twisted cage but, thankfully, I had purchased a 10 speed derailleur on the cheap last season so I just happened to have one sitting around (love when that happens) so I went about setting it up. Sadly, some (most) days, my mechanical skills are a bit sub par and an hour later I was frustrated and pissed trying to get the shifting to work so I called it a night and tried again this morning. As is usually the case with me, after stepping away, the problem became clear. I hadn't fully adjusted the limit screws. (like I said, sub-par skills). 5 minutes of fiddling later and it appears to be shifting like a dream again. I'll hold off on celebrating until after a test ride this evening.

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Linda said...

If I had a dollar for everytime I said to myself, "Linda, just walk away", I'd be rich. Hope it works for you. Now do that with your washing machine.