Thursday, June 14, 2012


It was rainy and shitty last night so the test ride on the Kahuna had to be delayed so, instead, I cleaned my messy ass basement and looked at the stable of bikes. Currently our basement houses 9 1/2 bikes. Marcy has three, a Salsa Dos Niner, Salsa Mukluk and a trek road bike. Brynna has her Kona Makena and I have my Kona King Kahuna, Salsa Selma, Salsa El Mariachi, Salsa Mukluk and a Salsa Dos Niner frame that is half built (thus the 1/2 bike) and my Trek road bike. I'm building the Dos Niner up for sale and it should be gone next week. I had planned on selling the El Mariachi as well but the initial sale fell through and now it sits in my basement again.

This morning, while on a run with pooch, I had an aha! moment and realized what I really should do is sell the Selma instead. I LOVE the Selma but the El Mariachi is a much more versatile bike, it can run gears or SS (which, to be honest, the selma can do as well) has fender mounts (and I have a set of fenders for it for winter commuting) and it's steel and we all know that steel is real.  Anybody in the market for a large Selma frame with a brand new rigid carbon fork and king headset?

The El

My lovely Selma
It just occurred to me that I don't have a photo like this of the Kahuna.  I'll have to rectify that.

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