Monday, May 14, 2012

This Ride Is For The Birds 

Saturday was beautiful and sunny. No, that doesn't express it well enough. Saturday was BEAUTIFUL AND SUNNY!!!!! What was even better was that I was given the green light for a nice road ride in the morning while Marcy and B heading to a fund raising yard sale at B's school.  Score!  That is, until I got on the road and realized I felt like a turn souffle that had been slightly overcooked (nobody likes an overcooked turn souffle).  I did a quick calculation and decided that trying to push through the ick would likely leave me in the hole while getting home early and getting shit on the Honey-Do list done would leave me sitty pretty with the spousal unit so I decided to bail on the ride and head home. 

but first, I snapped this lurvly picture (exactly 1 mile from my house...)

upon getting home, I was swarmed by my adoring fans

stupid chickens love to roost and shit on my bikes although,
to be honest, this bike deserves to be shat upon
This coming Sunday is my first race of the season, the Maine Sport Mayhem! It conflicts with Weeping Willow which is an awesome race, but I like to support the local events (and drive 4 less hours) so the Mayhem it is. 

The interesting thing about the Mayhem is that, in addition to the bike race, they also do a trail running race just prior to the XC with bragging rights and extra prizes (a pair or running shoes last year) to the person who has the fastest combined time.  I've decided to throw down this year.  The running race is only 5k so hopefully it won't tax me too much before the XC race but that's all part of the fun anyway.  There are at least 3 dudes who I expect to be there who can trounce me in a running race (I know, because they all did at the HVNC race last fall) but I SHOULD be able to nab them on the bike.  Question is, by how much and are there any ringers out there just waiting to make me miserable?  I guess we'll find out on Sunday.

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