Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Has Sprung 

Before the weekend, I hadn't been outside on my road bike all year.  I'm not sure why, but I just didn't have the urge to hit the roads.  It couldn't have been the temperatures since this winter was so moderate but something was happening in my head that kept me to the trails instead.  Maybe it's that damn snowbike that I love so much.  It figures that my least expensive bike would be one of my favorites.

Anyway, over the weekend, I dusted off the road steed and did not one but two road rides.  Saturday with my buds down in Falmouth and Sunday with a guy who I just met who's working in the Habbah, Greg.  Saturday's ride was short and nice.  A good way to start the road season.  Sunday's ride was longer and much harder.  The pace was quicker but not THAT taxing but I was an idiot and had no fuel with me for the ride so with about 10 miles to go I HIT THE FREAKING WALL.  Sad really since I was only at about 35 miles but at least it gives me plenty of room for improvement.

spring has also had an effect on B.  As yesterday's post showed, she also spent some time on two wheels this weekend.  She just started riding in without training wheels in January and has about 3 rides under her belt so I was very happy to hear that she attempted her first curb "hop" on Sunday while out with Marcy.  On attempt one, she got her front wheel up but stalled on the rear wheel.  Attempt two didn't fare so well:

She's already asked me to take her mountain biking so, who knows, she may hit some dirt this summer.

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Ow B. Just owies.