Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Breaking Trail

This week, for my morning "workout" I've forgone running and started some spring trail work instead.  Spring's wet trails have inspired me to rework a couple of sections to avoid the nastiest areas and I'm also reworking a few areas to improve flow and one new section to complete the loop without hitting any trails twice.  This week's weather has made trail work primo and will save me a bunch of time come April when I need to be "training" for realz.

The unnaturally warm temps also gave me the opportunity to do something that I hadn't intended for another month.  That's commute from Edgecomb to the Portland office.  The new shower at the office was just installed so I needed to take advantage.  Originally, I had planned on doing the whole 47 mile commute by bike but when I really thought it through, I realized that the 47 mile ride home from work (I'd drive down in the morning) would be fine, the ride in less than 9 hours later would be too much for me this early in the season.  Peak summer form?  I could probably swing it.  Mid-March flabbiness?  Not so much.  So, instead, I drove 15 miles to Freeport, parked in the municipal lot (changed in the car within 50' of an LLBean security officer) and rode home totaling 33 miles each way.  I think next time I'll park in the same spot but lengthen my ride home by getting off of route 1 more but at least that gives me a more reasonable commute in the morning. 

Boring post?  You betcha but what did you expect really???

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