Friday, March 09, 2012

I Call This Blog Racin Rick For a Reason

There is a non insignificant part of my personality that makes me a highly competitive person. Not that I'm good at everything, just that I want to be the king of everything. Put me on a bike and I want to be the first person to get to wherever we're going. Strap on hiking boots and I'll try to beat you to the top of the mountain. Want to have sex? Guess who's finishing first??? Well, this whole part of me started when I was a wee lad and my father raced stock cars. Not just raced but won. A lot. That and growing up in a house full of guys (four including my dad who is just a big kid)led to an inordinate amount of competitions. That was a long way of saying that I'll race anything and go-carts are occasionally one of the things. Thankfully, I'm the best of my friends but, sadly, the slowest of my family.

Last weekend for example.  Fast carts.  Indoor track.  Go-pro camera.  Fun stuff. For the record, that is my youngest brother who I'm trading paint with.  He generally beats me because he's more willing to ram me to get by.  Also, he's a dick.


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Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, now you just brought my attention to the RACIN bit. Well.I guess there isn't much to see since you made a reason. Gee. De-friending-blogging could happen.
It's called compensation of family lurve. Or Screwing over in family love way.