Thursday, March 01, 2012

Beating the Storm 

With the snowpocolypse descending upon Maine, I decided to beat it to the punch this morning and get a quick ride in before the snow accumulations got deep enough to make riding difficult (although, I may try to ride in the new 6-8" tonight as well). Two laps around the home trails had me satisfied (enough at least) that the day wasn't lost. There is nothing like getting out when the snow has just started falling. Everything is quiet except for the crunch of the tires and the hiss of snow (they were almost like small pellets) hitting the leaves on the trees. Good way to start the day.


Anonymous said...

Your home trails look like a bowl of red spaghetti! Nice. Some crunchy snow in exchange for soggy humidness coming your way.
Miff ;-)

rick is! said...

that's what happens when you jamb 3 miles of trails into 17 acres!