Monday, February 27, 2012

Time Flies 

When you have no time.

Things have been progressing somewhat nicely in RR Land but you wouldn't know it by my blog posts.  Sadly, with everything else going on, there has been precious little time for blogging.  That's really sad because I've got a metric shit ton of video to edit and upload but haven't the time to do it.

As the snow is leaving the great state of Maine, my riding hours are slowly picking up.  Generally, this time of year, I'd be on the road or snowmobile trails.  The snowmobile trails are shite right now and for some reason, I can't bring myself to ride on the road right now.  I'm not 100% sure of the reason but me thinks it might be partially about this little vixen:

sure, she's a little wide in the hips but once you get her going, 
she's fun to throw around and do dirty things with  
I'm officially loving riding the Salsa Mukluk.  There is just something fun about the lumbering beast (unless you're on pavement in which case riding a white hot fork business end up would be more enjoyable) and it makes me sad that the snow is leaving.  That's ok though because she also does a nice job of dealing with mud floating over much of it (not that there is much in Edgecomb).  Next year, she'll be sporting studded tires so nothing will hold her back.

Speaking of her back.  Ever seen a tramp stamp on a truck?  Well, now I have.

Or creepy cards with two faces prancing around on ice?  Sadly, I've seen that too but at least it was while spending some quality time with my favorite flesh eating zombie (photo at top of page).

Or me building kitchen cabinets?  Well, I'm officially seeing that again as well.  As I think I mentioned earlier, I can't ride my new bike until our upper cabinets are installed.  Spring is coming rather quickly so I'd better get crackin on these bad boys. 


Alby King said...


"sure, she's a little wide in the hips but once you get her going,
she's fun to throw around and do dirty things with"

Is why I keep coming back

rick is! said...

Pure poetry. I know.

rick is! said...
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Miff said...

...*She's a little wide in the hips, but once you get her going, she's fun to throw and do dirty thingd with.."...... Bwahnhhaahahahhahah. Some of your finest Sir.!