Monday, December 19, 2011

Tis Almost the Season

I actually took the above pic a few weeks ago when we had 6" of snow in early November.  The conditions weren't great for snow riding (a little too mealy to get going on uphills) but I did do some mad huckin' from the ledges in the background.  (translation: I rode gingerly down picking my lines carefully and was still scared the whole way).  As we currently stand, we have a whopping inch of white fluffy stuff on the ground.  Not enough to make the snow bike necessary but enough that I think I might hang up the selma for the season and bust out the mukluk.  Assuming I ever find the time to ride again.  If all the stars align, I'm hoping I might be able to hit up a bathers ride on Thursday night and burn some pre-holiday calories.  Lord knows that I need it as my weight has slowly crept up somewhere in the 5-7 pound range from race season.

I'm pretty excited for snow bike season to be upon us.  New trails are opened up, once impassable routes become viable, longer distances can be had (on the snowmobile trails), appendages can be lost to frost bite and thrilling video like THIS can be had.  Looking back at that link I see that I had promised to track my mileage through the season last year.  Not sure when I lost track of that but I may attempt that for 2012 as well.  One of these days it might work...

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Miff said...

Mad huckin from ledges....translation gets lost in the snow....huck away! Great picture with huckin Mukluk chillin'..Miff