Thursday, February 24, 2011

Where Am I?

Sorry for going dark there for a few days.  With this being a school vacation and having work up the wazoo, I haven't had much time to even think about blogging.  That's too bad (I guess?) too because I've actually been doing some riding recently, had a crank arm fall off mid commute on an 11 degree evening and done a good amount of jogging etc etc.  Basically all good stuff, except for my crank arm falling off of course.  That was a little life lesson right there for ya.  Imagine a guy on the side of a very busy road just before dark fiddling with a bike when it's 11 degrees out.  One would think that in a rural area like this that all sorts of people would stop and see if I was all set but I was there for a solid 15 minutes while I waited for Marcy (I didn't have the right tools with me to fix it) to pick me up and only one car stopped and she only stopped because she is my boss' wife and she probably wanted to save my boss the effort of having to find a new architect after I froze to death on the side of the road.

All seems to be good though.  I didn't suffer from hypothermia and I've successfully reinstalled the crank arm (and it didn't fall of during this morning's commute).

I also did an awesome ride on Sunday morning.  The snomo trails around here are unreal right now and I got out for a killer 2:15 ride before heading down Boston way with the family.  My favorite part of the ride was on the home stretch as I was getting into a fun "s" turny section.  I decided to pull out the camera a make a video and I'm glad I did.  Hang in there until the end.

I love the fact that instead of yelling out "oh, shit! oh, shit!" like any normal person would, I instead yell out "oh, nellie! oh, nellie!".  That right there my friends is what having a five year old in the house will do for you.  Sometimes I say "awe shucks" as well.  I'm also impressed that I was able to put my own well being behind getting good video.  At least good video for me.

Earlier in the ride I got the opportunity to test the Mukluk's ice riding abilities and I'm glad to report that she performed admirably.  I had two long sections of pond riding (10 minutes and 40 minutes) in wind gusts of up to 40 mph and I didn't fall once despite most of the ice being of the glare variety.  Witness:

And one section of particularly icy road was not match for the mukluk and my ninja like skillz.

Oh, and the picture at the top of the post?  That poor fellow was sitting in the middle of Pemaquid Pond after being the meals of many critters.


X-train time:1:15
Ride time: 3:20
Ride distance: 38 miles

Total x-train time: 15:55
Total ride time: 22:40
Total distance: 184 miles
Weight: 189.4 (woops)


rustymtb said...

Shame on you for not carrying tools with you. What would you need other than a multi-tool? Is your Ergon pack not big enough?

rick is! said...

had tools just not the gimungous allen wrench that it requires. plus, I need to save room in the pack for food and the camera. the important stuff.

Alby King said...

Huh. Thought that first pic might be a segue to some speared fish.

Alby King said...

Also - "oooohhh Nellie..." priceless.

Trevor Woodford said...

I will have to remember 'oooooooohhh Nellie' next time I come off..!

the original big ring said...

Looks like a deer. At first I thought maybe you were losing too much weight.
baa daa bumm!