Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Move Along

Not much to see here.  I've managed to squeeze in exactly (ok, not exactly) 3 rides in the last couple of weeks.  On top of all of my normal excuses, I came down with a head cold that didn't quite knock me out but it did make me enough of a hacking, runny nose, whiny bitch that both riding and running had to take a back seat.  For almost two whole weeks.  Egad.  Just want you want with the holiday season (and daily trays of treats in the office) approaching.  Fat pants here I come!

I did manage to get out and help build a bridge at the Schmid Preserve on Sunday though.  It's a group of hiking types doing the majority of the work in the preserve so I figured it was high time I lend a hand lest us mountain biker types become persona non grata.  Plus, some of the other bridges they have built have been mtb unfriendly (ie 2" gaps running the length of the bridge) so I figured if I lent a hand I MIGHT be able to change some things.  Plus, it's the right thing to do since the Schmid is my home stomping grounds...

tripled 16' 2x12's ready to be hoisted over the stream.

nearly finished bridge.  It'll be my duty to make the entry 
and exit navigable by bike
This new bridge means that I can start poking around again on the further reaches of the River Link trail now that I don't have to worry about getting my pampered feet wet.  Anybody up for some exploratory rides?

And to prove that showing up to help out does good things, Bob, the Preserve's board char (and dude in the helmet in pic above) told me that he had been thinking of making a mountain bike specific trail in the preserve but had never gotten around to doing it.  Well sir, you have found your person.  I can't wait to get in there with some flags!

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