Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Brynna Day

I've got shyte to write about today. I'm still a bit of a mess from the trail race over a week ago. I can finally walk without a limp but my hip flexors are still f'ed. Eventually all will be good. I did find a short article about the race that I was mentioned in.  Read it HERE. Apparently, I'm the least slow person from Lincoln county.  Kick ass.

So, anyway, I'll drop some Brynna photos on you today.  I haven't done this in a while so it seems appropriate.

Give the kid some window crayons and see how fast she'll
fill up every window in the dining room and living room.

rockin the multiple patterns and cowgirl boots

and her first rejection letter to a boy.
If you can't read 6 year old phonetic spelling, here is a translation:

"Dear Ryan, I can't marry you because I've known Tyler a long time."

Breaking hearts already.

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Alby King said...

Far too sweet a let-down.