Tuesday, November 08, 2011

A Raking We Will Go

My right knee has been a bit tweaked after Friday night's run (thank you so much pavement!) so I've been taking it easy for a few days.  It actually felt pretty good this morning but I still decided to do some trail work instead of my morning run.  We've got a blanket of leaves on the ground 3-ish inches thick right now making it difficult to see the trail when running in the dark and pretty easy to trip and impale yourself on something.  You know, like this spring...

Bit by bit, I'm bringing my trails back into being.  Going from this:
to this

and this
here's a tip for riding these trails.  Don't get off line.  you'll go from carving goodness to riding on ball bearings.  the landing is soft (usually) though.

There will be a Sunday ride happening from my place in the near future before winter ruins it all.  Anybody in?  Wait, does anybody read this?

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