Monday, November 07, 2011

Success! - ish

In preparation for THE BIG RACE at the end of the month I decided to run home from work on Friday, a good 8 or so miles (unless I was feeling good and decided to tack more on) of road and trail.  Enough to gauge my fitness but hopefully not enough to kill me.

I survived the ordeal but the first three miles of road literally made me never want to run again.  My trail shoes on pavement lead to massive shin splints.  Immediately.  They were so painful that I was forced to run in the ditch most of the distance which was a rolled ankle just waiting to happen.

Thankfully, I managed to plod my way through it and actually enjoyed most of the rest of the runs via trail.  I wasn't too psyched by my average speed but it is what it is and I still have three more weeks to shape up.  My brother just so happened to be doing a similar commute home from Boston to Newton at the same time.  Let's just say that Rus' time was a smidge better.  I might have to fake an injury so that I don't have to endure the shame of losing to him in three weeks.

After I got back I posted my time and speed on facebook.  Hilarity ensued (if hilarity is defined as anything that is even remotely amusing when you are scraping the bottom of the barrel for blog fodder).  Here is an early morning edit for folks.  I, in no way actually think that what happens below is hilarious.  Only mildly amusing at best...

  • Rick Nelson Good news is I survived. Bad news is I'm slooowwwwwe. 7.95 @5.3. Boo
    Friday at 6:39pm ·

  • Geoff Getz Depends on if that's measured in mph or min/miles. The later is pretty good. Maybe not Rusty Nelson good, but pretty good...
    Friday at 10:31pm ·

  • Rusty Nelson It really shows that he's a mountain bike guy that he reports his runs MPH and not minutes per mile.
    Saturday at 8:25am ·

  • Rick Nelson Only silly runners measure in minute per mile! Men and race cars use mph
After the weekend I still stand by my statement (or, to be more accurate, sit uncomfortably as my legs ache).

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Alby King said...

Good luck Herr Nelson.