Friday, April 22, 2011

Let's Get Crackin

Last night I began operation "get my ass into shape because my first race of the season is only three weeks away and I'm scared.  plenty scared".  All racers go into their race seasons complaining about poor fitness regardless of where their fitness really lies.  I'm no different.  My riding has been more than a bit slack recently but, for some reason, I'm not worried.  Do I need to start riding more?  Hells yeah.  But I kinda figure things will come around eventually.  Of course, I may have to make them come around instead of waiting (which is what I've been doing).  That may mean that I need to bring back the dreaded 3am rides from the days of yore.  You may remember them.  You know, back when this blog was interesting?  Yeah, those rides.  I'm also going to try to hit the weekly bleed your eyes out road ride in Brunswick if I can work out my schedule as well as the weekly training crits that have once again started up.  How exciting.  Let's see if any of this happens or if I'll just be back here whining in a few weeks about how, boo-hoo, I'm not ready for my first race.  Yeah, I can see where this is going...

Last night was a fabulous Bather's ride.  2 hours of almost entirely dry single track.  I wasn't sure if the mariachi was up and running and the selma is hanging from the rafters right now so I decided to throw down on the Mukluk just for fun.  I figured that, if nothing else, it would make me work a bit harder and shake the funk out after close to two weeks off the bike.  To everyone's surprise (but mine) the muk worked just fine for trail riding.  It was kind of fun actually (although it was a bit weird feeling going over skinny bridges) and other than a broken chain (second one on this chain with less than 300 miles.  that chain is going in the trash) it was a damn good time.

Well, as usual, I've run out of time so I'm cutting things short.


X-train time: 7:00
Ride time: 12:00
Ride distance: 155 miles

Total x-train time: 42:45
Total ride time: 59:45
Total distance: 586 miles

Weight: 189

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Alby King said...

Aye, the Mukluk goes beyond a one or two hit wonder.

After seeing the Mukluk in action pre-riding @ the King of the Burlingame trails a rider came over to check it out and do the "pick it up" test. There was a momentary look of confusion.