Thursday, April 21, 2011

We're Back!

We're finally back from our 8 day florida vacation.  Many good times were had on our first family vacation in 3+ years.  Unfortunately, we're very white folks and Florida was in the middle of a mini heat wave so Marcy and I felt like we might literally die on a couple of occasions but it was sunny and beautiful the whole time (unlike the 40 degrees and rain every day back home) so we won't complain too much.  I vowed to not even think about riding on this vacation since most of our spare weekends in the summer revolve around me racing and I can say that I did a pretty good job, although, I did stumble across a tri race during one of my early morning runs.  It wasn't intentional and I didn't even touch a bike so I think I'm in the clear.

We weren't sure if B was happy to be on vacation.
I wish I had more time but my work life is in a shambles at this point but I will be posting daily until I catch up.  Looking at photos is always better than reading my drivel anyways.  Right?

Crystal Springs was the shit.  Crystal clear water and no gators!

B posing with the polar bear prints.

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