Monday, April 25, 2011

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The Best Laid Plans

are accomplished.  Ha, fooled you there didn't I?  You expected me to bitch because that's what I usually do right?  Knowing that the first race of the season is three weeks away (despite the fact that all of my internet buddies have a couple of races under their belts) I've decided to man up for once and just do what needs to be done so that I'm ready to rock in a few weeks.  If that means getting up at the ass crack of dawn to get a ride in, that's what I'll do.  No more whiney bitching.  (today at least)

Saturday, I got up early and after a jog with the pooch headed into the Schmid Preserve to see how things were shaping up.  Because of the typical spring reasons, I hadn't been into the preserve in a while but since all of the snow left while we were on vaca in Florida I figured I'd give it a shot.  Turns out things were pretty damn nice and the trails were 98.5% dry.  There were a few splash through spots but only a couple of actual muddy sections so I was pretty happy.

Today, Sunday, I had planned on a hard road ride but after a delish easter lunch made by marcy and her mother, I was barely conscious enough to form whole sentences so an interval laced road ride just wasn't in the cards.  Mentally I just couldn't handle it. Instead, I decided to hit the preserve again.  Two hours later, my ride lust was satiated and I had added a couple of new sections to my typical loop.  How is it that I've been riding in the preserve for years now and I'm still finding new stuff.  Color me happy.
my picture added to lose traffic and to show what
it looks like when a dumbass wears an undershirt
and a long sleeve fleeced jersey on a ride that 
approached 70 degrees.  once a dumbass, always
a dumbass.

the trails on our property sure do look sweet though...

I think it's time for a group ride tomorrow night.  Now I wonder if I can get a group together to do it...


X-train time: 1:15
Ride time: 3:15
Ride distance: 15 miles

Total x-train time: 44:00
Total ride time: 63:00

Total distance: 601 miles

Weight: 188.9 (I was at 186 before vaca.  damn you time off!) 

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