Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Today, I find myself conflicted on multiple fronts.  May 15 is the date of my first race of the season.  Problem is, I don't know which race to do.  The Glocester Grind is the first race of the EFTA series and from what I hear, it's definitely my bag.  Really technical trails make me happy (although I haven't touched one yet this year) and usually help me do well.  Race day is also the only day you can ride there all year so it's a once yearly opportunity.  On the other hand, Mad Mike has his Maine Mayhem race happening in Rockport, only 45 minutes away.  That is a course that I know and love but I've yet to see any advertising and while I know the race is technically happening, I suspect turnout will be low.  So, do I drive over 4 hours to race on unknown trails against lots of competition or drive 45 minutes to race on trails I know I love against who knows who?

My current lack of fitness compels me to stay close to home because who wants to spend all day driving only to get your ass handed to you.  Then again, I need some competition to get my ass in gear and a good shellacking would do just that.  Oh, what to do, what to do.  I'm sure I'll flip flop my position multiple times in the next couple of weeks.  Maybe if Mad Mike would e-mail me back or maybe post the race on bike reg it would be easier to make my decision.  Mike, you out there???

Speaking of EFTA races.  I found this video on YouTube this morning about the Pinnacle race.  Sheer brilliance if you ask me.

Similar to Hill Junkie, I've been doing more and more running these days.  Unlike HJ, I'm not doing any stoopid hill intervals but, I must say, that I'm enjoying my daily trail runs with the pooch.  My running in florida seems to have actually propelled my running fitness to new levels.  There were no hills to speak of down there but my cruising speed seems to have improved greatly since I was forced to run around other people most days and my competitive nature doesn't allow me to do anything slow when other people are watching.  That's also why I like riding on semi busy roads (if there is a shoulder).  Lots of people around makes me want to go fast.  It's one of my adorable quirks.  Right up there with getting gas from drinking water.

on of my run locations in Florida.  a reserve down the road from where we were staying.

the straight trail at the bottom of the pic as well as the section along the 
lake are known as alligator alley because sighting are so common.  l
et me tell you, running there at dusk by myself helped me keep 
the average speed up.

The only time I felt safe in alligator alley was when I passed this bunny. 
I figured he/she would be an easier and tastier meal that I would be.


Anonymous said...

drag you rear-end to RI. Competition is the best spark under the butt.

rick is! said...

the possibility is there but there is competition right down the road from me that the whole fam can go to and not blow a whole weekend as well.

decisions, decisions.