Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"Mystery" Solved

Thanks to the numerous pop quiz answerers from last week.  Your contributions were so overwhelming that I was unable to post yesterday.  Actually, Laps and Alby, both of your answers sucked.  You should try harder next time.  Then again, at least the two of you contributed so even though you weren't even remotely close, drop me your addy's and I'll send a few nip hairs fed ex because I'm the giving type...

So, the totally not all that interesting answer to the question is, that is where my hand, arm and bar mitt busted through the snice (snow/ice) the other night totally submerging my hand in freezing f'ing cold water 5 minutes into a two hour ride.  Bar mitts are an amazing thing though, I was able to borrow a new fleece glove from C-dog and finish the ride out with a frozen solid bar mitt but warm-ish hands during a ride where the temps dropped to 10 degrees.  Not bad.

iced mitts

and here's a quick vid from a ride with marcy on Friday.  She's totally digging the snow bike thing so we snuck out a bit early to get another ride in on the fat bikes before we returned it to the shop.  There will be more tomorrow but here's a failed video attempt from the ride.  In it, I'm holding the camera in my right hand while trying to ride and video Marcy.  Unfortunately, I've got the coordination of Charlie Sheen after a three day bender and ended up immediately riding the top tube while one foot dragged to try to slow my descent all the while laughing and crying like an idiot.  I have some much more "professional" looking videos of Marcy to show tomorrow so you'll just have to suffer with this today.

One of these days I'll need to get an actual video camera with a bike mount because this shit is going to kill me.


Alby King said...

Bar Mitts sounds Jewish - hence the lack of related experience / knowledge.

the original big ring said...

you mean the same bar mitts that you deprived your wife of a week or so ago? oh, those ones?

i figured that she must have come to her senses and made that hole with your head trying to drown in you.

rick is! said...

Drown in you? Dumb fucker.

Anonymous said...

is that you saying "wait for me woman" at the end of the video?


rick is! said...

sure is.