Friday, March 04, 2011

Pop Quiz

No time for a real post today so I'll leave you with a little pop quiz.  The person who gets the correct answer wins one of two possible prizes.  Prize option 1 is an IPad case knitted from Racin Rick nipple hair (a highly coveted and surprisingly aromatic item).  Prize option 2 is nothing which is a prize in itself since you won't have to see or smell my nipple hair (but if you ask nicely I'll show you some anyway...).

OK, here's the quiz.  What is the purpose of this hole and how did it get there?
note: c-dog and sb are excluded from this contest.

Stay tuned next week for the thrilling conclusion to yesterday's post where we see if the King's and Nelson's swap spouses!!!!!


Alby King said...

One blog answers another:

Laps said...

a grouse or partridge that you almost ran over........

(If that is correct, keep the i-pad cover unless you want a garmin cozy made of red pubes)