Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Getting Fat

Over the weekend, I grabbed the demo Carver snow bike for Marcy to ride.  On Sunday, we got a chance to go to rancho-de-nelson so that Marcy and I could ride while B and the pooch enjoyed my mom's hospitality such that it is.


Conditions were far from great since they had received one foot of fresh snow two days prior but with the snow bikes fat tires and increasingly lower and lower air pressure, we were able to get an hour and a quarter ride in.  Now what we were looking for but still fun.

Marcy's first test ride on the fatties.
the first trail was B-R-U-T-A-L! but beautiful.
Marcy took a couple of snow naps. 
Mukluk as tri-pod.

Eventually we had to tuck our tails and ride the roads back.  Over the course of the ride we had let soooo much air out of the tires that they were literally grabbing at the road by this point.  The tires were making an audible sucking sound as they rolled along.  Friction supreme. Observe with Marcy plugging along on the much too highly geared bike on an 18% slope:



Trevor Woodford said...

Looks great fun riding those snow covered trails on the fat tires...!!

the original big ring said...

"Marcy's first test ride on the fatties." - she's obviously never layed down on top of you or sat on your knee then.

Hey, nice fella making the wifey ride without the cozy handwarmers.


WV: undies

rick is! said...

you weren't supposed to point out the pogie thing br. she was plenty warm with her mittens and those things are a pain to move around...

Alby King said...

What is the rear tire on the Carver? Is it betterer?

rick is! said...

3.7endomorph I think

rick is! said...

oh, and it's not betterer, just differenter. it was sucking into the pavement because it had about 3 psi in it...