Monday, March 14, 2011

The First Family

Sunday marked our first official family ride of 2011.  A pleasant one hour romp around some of our quieter local roads.  Good times and from the look of things, probably our last summer (if we make it that long) with the chariot trailer.  B has grown so much in the last year that she could use at least another foot of length for those long Nelson legs.  In fact, I may need to build her a custom extension just to get through the summer.  These trailers are expensive as hell but well worth it.  Five years of use (as a stroller, jogger and trailer) and it still looks pretty much brand new.


not tight in here at all...

Marcy always plays the rear bumper when we go out together. 

Stopping by a roaring stream for a photo op.  Dirty snowbanks are purty.

Oh, and I'm way behind posting my yearly mileage.  I've forgotten some of it but hopefully it's all mostly in there now.


X-train time: 5:00
Ride time: 5:30
Ride distance: 40 miles

Total x-train time: 22:45
Total ride time: 31:00
Total distance: 251 miles

Weight: 189

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