Thursday, March 10, 2011


After Tuesday super fun snowmobile trail ride with C-dog I was psyched to get a chance to ride the trails in the Cumberland/Falmouth area last night.  Primo conditions Tuesday night would surely equal primo conditions on Wednesday right?  RIGHT??? RIGHT??? Ahem.  Wrong.  Scott and Gerry had the best of intentions and some of the ride was on some pretty fun trails but, overall, it was a bit of a bust.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad at Scott and Gerry for convincing me to drive 1:15 each way for a sub-par ride but, lets just say, that if I meet them on the street I just might kick them in the nards.  Just for fun.

We did have a couple of beers and some food afterwards at Binga's Wingas so that almost made up for it anyway.
The ride had the potential for being pretty good.  The terrain was varied, the trails were twisty, turny and the weather was just about perfect but, somehow, the trail conditions were just plain bad.  Crusty fall through ice everywhere and mealy snow = no fun (especially since I had decided to ride the El instead of the mukluk since it had not been needed the night before).

Oh well, it was still fun to ride in a new place with a few new people so Scott and Gerry are forgiven.  I'd still cover my junk if I were them though...

Speaking of busts.  While perusing my photos on the computer yesterday I came across the beauty pic at the top of the page. Who is this person and why is she holding her giant bosoms against my face?  Answer number one is, I have no idea who she is.  The answer to question number two is, I probably asked her to.  This is what happens when you go to an 80's theme bar and drink a bunch of beer..

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Alby King said...

Great. Now I have two Queen songs stuck in me head