Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shifting Gears
It seems that the time has come to officially hang up the mukluk for the season (unless I can eek one more ride in the next week).  I'm very sad because it seems like I've barely been able to ride it but at least the warmer temps mean that summer is approaching (freaking too fast actually with all I have to do...).  It's approaching so quickly that I've pulled this out of the rafters (actually floor joists) for the first time in easily four months:

KillBill and I will be raging on the road tonight.  More than likely, he'll be cruising and I'll be raging trying to keep up with him.  I've vowed to get on his wheel sooner this season so I can hopefully keep up once things get into full swing.  We'll see.

With the snow going away, I've also started to put some of my new trail plans into action.  Having a dog forced me out in the woods every day this winter so I put that time to good use scoping out new trail options.  Sure, everything was covered in 2' of snow but I could still get a feel for the terrain, do some basic clearing and hope for the best when the snow melts.  On Sunday, enough snow had melted that I was able to flag one of the trails.  I might have to change it ever so slightly when the snow is finally gone but it think it's in pretty good shape and it will be super fun.  Lots of ledge outcroppings, ravine side riding and a good bit of up and down.  Now to just find the time to finish it...

Playing with the camera options.
part of the trail crew
I've also made some very important race season bike decisions but that'll have to come tomorrow.  Instead, I leave you with this, a video (finally) of my 5 year old daughter horking down a raw oyster.  One of the best parts of the vid (beside her sheer determination of getting that sucker down) is watching her friend's reaction as B gets to work.  Priceless.


Alby King said...

Can you not see the opportunity here? Strap B onto the back of the Mukluk and hit the beach in search of Oysters..

Thank me later.

Metro said...

Hanging up the snow bike huh? Well just send it and some snow south and I will be sure to keep the wheels spinning for you for a few more weeks. Good to see some pics of the trail dog and some family riding. Glad to see you riding all winter.


rick is! said...

alby, I won't tell you again. me + beach = :(

metro, you'll have to pry that bike from my cold lifeless hands. I may do one more early morning ride this week before all the snow is gone.

Marcy said...

It's true Alby. He is too whiny at the beach; can't handle the sand or the surf.

rick is! said...

I get sand in my vagina...

Anonymous said...

You had to mention the beginning of spring and snow all going away and that's why we are now expecting a second storm at the end of March, Thanks Rick, I blame you for the snow.... though secretly I thank you.